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About Us

Vinodhagan memorial hospital, which is now completing its 25 th year of service to the society, was founded by a team of 15 like-minded philanthropic doctors with the purpose of bringing modern medical and surgical treatment to the people of the region at reasonable and affordable costs. Till this day, it continues to serve people of the Thanjavur region, and its surrounding districts with dedication and care.

Conceived as an idea under the mentorship of Dr Vinodhagan in 1991, the team even then included leading and able doctors of various specialities in Thanjavur. To its credit, the hospital was the first in the entire region to introduce various modalities of treatments and diagnosis to this entire region. At a time when taking a CT scan was an unaffordable and distant effort for many, this hospital introduced the first CT scan imported from Japan, in this region for the first time. This CT scan went on to perform yeomen service, especially during times when the only other CT scan at the government hospital would not function due to technical problems, when CT scans were taken for the poor and needy absolutely free of cost. The hospital, which was originally named Prahadeish Hospital, was renamed in 1998 as Vinodhagan Memorial Hospital, to commemorate the memory of Dr.Vinodhagan, friend and mentor, whom we unfortunately lost and miss to this day.

The hospital has been updating itself in various ways over the years to keep itself abreast of the various technological advancements in the fields of medicine. It has introduced to its credit various difficult surgical procedures in various fields, which were at that point in time only available at major centres in India. For example, the orthopaedic team of the hospital, which to its credit has carried out close to 40,000 major orthopaedic surgeries in the last 25 years, has introduced various surgical modalities which include complex joint replacement and reconstruction procedures, arthroscopic procedures, major pelvic and acetabular surgical procedures, minimally invasive and other major spinal surgical procedures, interlocking nailing of long bone fractures etc, for the first time in the entire region several years before. In other surgical fields too, many complex tumour related procedures, endoscopic procedures, urological procedures, many complex neurosurgical procedures including head trauma have been carried out successfully over the last many years, often for the first time in this entire region, in this hospital. The surgical teams of the hospital have till date carried out more than 1,00,000 surgical procedures including major general surgical, orthopaedic, neurosurgical, plastic, oncological, ENT, Obstetric and gynecological, Ophthalmic, Urological, cardiothoracic and vascular surgical procedures over the last 25 years, and this is indeed a remarkable milestone to be proud about. In fact, the dedicated members of staff of our advanced modern operating theatres have facilitated almost all major surgical procedures other than cardiac bypass and transplant surgeries with an enviable rate of infection which so close to zero, it is comparable to any advanced theatre set up anywhere else in the world. It is the first hospital to have government permission to admit and treat medico legal cases.

Our ICU set up includes a dedicated team of intensivist and specialized staff members including, anaesthetists, cardiologists, neurologists and pulmonologists, nephrologists and physicians who as a team have been successfully treating many complex medical emergencies successfully and with dedication. This set up is helped ably by the dialysis team with its advanced dialysis set up to manage not just patients with chronic kidney diseases, but also those patients who have other complex medical problems who need dialysis treatment. Our hospital is proud of its well-equipped physiotherapy unit with its dedicated members of staff who have ably helped improving the quality of life of many patients over the last several years. It is the only place where laser therapy is available for years.

At this juncture of our silver jubilee celebration, our entire team, including doctors, and members of the medical, non-medical and administrative staff proudly rededicate ourselves to serve with even greater vigour and dedication towards the health and betterment of our society. We are happy to announce that we have achieved entry level NABH accreditation, a golden moment in our journey of pursuing exemplary health care. On this occasion we take a vow to continue our exemplary service and quality health care.

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